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Austin Peoples Action Center is dedicated to changing lives in our neighborhoods. The status quo is not good enough. As an organization and as a greater community, we need to look around and see what we can change to make people’s lives better.


Chicago & Dolton Family Case Management 

Established in 1980 with the vision to transform the community, the Austin Peoples Action Center (APAC) began its journey with an initial fund of $500 from a community rummage sale. Under the leadership of Cynthia Williams, who has been at the helm as CEO for over three decades, APAC has tirelessly worked to advance its mission in the greater Austin area.

APAC is dedicated to breaking down the barriers of economic and cultural disparities that contribute to challenges such as under-education, under-employment, nutritional deficits, homelessness, and health issues. Through years of community engagement, the commitment of our neighbors, friends, and dedicated staff has turned visionary ideas into tangible actions.

Today, APAC proudly acknowledges the support from significant partners such as the Illinois Department of Human Services, Catholic Charities, the Advocate Bethany Community Health Fund, and the Illinois Department of Health. These collaborations, alongside the contributions of past supporters, have been pivotal to our ongoing efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Join us as we continue to fight for a brighter, more equitable future for the greater Austin community. Discover how you can become a part of our journey towards creating lasting change.

Yellow Chicago Skyline




At our new State-of-the-Art Technology Center, we offer a comprehensive suite of technical programs aimed at empowering our community with essential technology skills. Our courses range from basic computer training (digital literacy), programming for game and app development, to job readiness and workforce development programs. Participants engage with interactive media applications and acquire vital employment skills, including internet safety, podcast production training, and proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Workspace applications. This holistic approach prepares individuals for success in today's technology-driven world.

Our Goals:

  • Equip underserved youth with essential technology skills to bridge the digital divide.

  • Educate parents and grandparents in the use of smartphones and computers, enhancing their digital proficiency.

  • Offer life skills training to enhance youth's social and interpersonal abilities, preparing them to navigate life's challenges effectively.

  • Create pathways to future employment in technology fields and spark interest in tech careers through dedicated outreach initiatives.

We Offer Cutting-Edge Programs and Partnerships:

  • Amazon has listed us as a priority partner to refer community residents looking for jobs. APAC uses technology resources to help job seekers prepare for interviews and complete online job applications. 

  • APAC made its technology center and resources available to immigrants without resources, using technology for translation services and completing immigration paperwork.

  • We have the resources to train an additional 25 youth who will be enrolling in our apprenticeship job training program.

  • We will provide training for disadvantaged youth in technology skills, including those participating in various programs.

  • We will offer training in aviation flight training skills, basic computer digital literacy, game design programming, podcasting, interactive media applications, and using the Internet.

  • We will partner with local shelters for homeless pregnant Moms, providing them with technical skills, education, and resources.

  • We offer training to parents and grandparents to use smartphones and computers, bridging the digital divide, and providing life skills education to build youth social and interpersonal skills.

  • We have established partnerships and collaborations with Malcolm X College, Columbia College, and Duke Ellington Elementary School to help strengthen our reach in the community and provide pathways higher education.

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